MyDrive Watchpoints

Additional Information regarding MyDrive transition:

There are 4 pieces to think about for MyDrive transition:

OEC Suggested Method to MOVE MyDrive files from @eng to @ucsd account

If you need to keep your file sharing and URLs intact, there is a method to transfer your MyDrive files by utilizing Shared Drives. See the embedded document below, or here is the direct link: (Updated as of 9-6-2023)

NOTE: OEC will enable your account to move folders into Shared Drives on the evening of the cutover - this will allow you to use the method that we have outlined.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT just share your MyDrive files to your new account - this does not actually move the files, and the files will still live in your archive account, which will go away and be deleted eventually.

If you are not concerned about keeping sharing and URLs of your MyDrive files intact, there are other methods to transfer your MyDrive files, but they are not recommended for this transition.


Move MyDrive Files to account - 2023-09-06.pdf
last updated 09-06-2023