Chat Watchpoints

Additional Information regarding Chat transition:

NOTE: You can export your Chat conversations using Google Takeout, however this exports to a .json file, and Google does not provide a way to import that file into your new account. The export is not user-friendly, so depending on your skill at processing text files at the command line, your ability to get valuable information from the Takeout may be limited. 

I will say that Chat is meant to be ephemeral - but if there is information in a Chat conversation that you need to keep, you may want to go into your archive @eng account, open that Chat, and either screenshot the info, copy and paste somewhere else, or Google does provide a "Forward to Inbox" function, that will email a specific portion of the chat to you for your record-keeping.

Example 1 - Retired Chat Space

Example 2 - Chat Status

Example 3 - Chat Notifications

last updated 02-21-2023